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Bringing together all aspects of Cowboy & Western culture is a tough job, but that is just what we aim to do here. A solid base from which musicians, artists, and artisans can reach out to the growing population of fans. The Western Artists is dedicated to promoting Western Artists/Artisans as well as contributors to the Cowboy, Country & Western ways.We pride ourselves on professional artist promotion and listing.

Support the artists you love, but take the time to check out the artists you've never heard as well. Remember, music is an artform, and is meant to be heard. Also take the time to check out the various artisans (once added). We've grown quite fond of the music showcased here, and look forward to adding more artists and artisans as the days progress. We started off reaching hundreds, now we're reaching thousands, and the number is growing steadily.

Country Music has many different flavors, some use the term Country Music to describe all of them. Here at TheWesternArtists.com we break it down a bit.

Classic Country Music is defined here as classic styled country music, not necessarily actual "classic" artists. For examples on Classic Country Music, see Mike Siler.

Western Swing is an easy to dance to, upbeat music in most cases. With roots in jazz, Western Swing concentrates on music geared toward dancing. For examples in the Western Swing category, see Asleep At The Wheel.

Western Music, also known as Cowboy Music, associates with the cowboy lifestyle. Western Music has influences from Europe, and is certainly proof that the cowboy lifestyle is global. See Old West Trio for an example of Western Music.

Cowboy Entertainers are exactly that, Cowboys who entertain. Whether they are trick roping, rodeo clowning, or on the stage acting, Cowboy Entertainers are a delight to see. See R.J. Vandygriff for an example of a true Cowboy Entertainer.

Modern Country Music has roots in quite a few different genres, utilizing modern sounds and equipment to produce a mix of cowboy country and most other mainstream music. Modern Country Music has quite a large following, like it's predecesors, and isn't likely to die out. See Sara Lynn Wallin for an example of Modern Country Music.

Contributors are folks who have dedicated time, funding, and effort to keep the various forms of Country Music alive today. Fans of Country Music in all it's various forms owe the continued production and advertising of the music to these folks. See Paula Evone Jungmann for an example of a Contributor.

The Western Artists will list and promote you if you fit into any of these categories. For more information visit the Contact page via links at the top of this page